Charter of Mutual Comitment

The owner of the house commits himself to:

  • welcome each guest warmly.
  • be always ready to answer to any request, and do his best to come up with any expectations.
  • offer a pleasant and friendly setting and provide various services in keeping with the standard of the house.
  • help to solve any possible problems encountered during the stay.

The hosts commit themselves to:

Vive l'Automne!!

champignon au gite à sardentLa Creuse regorge de richesses ....qui se laissent découvrir pour peu que l'on prenne son temps!  Parmi celles-ci, il ya a les champignons que l'on peut même ramasser dans le parc autour de la Maison de Marie si l'on est attentif.Samedi dernier, le coucher de soleil m'a donné des envie

September cottage

Ripe blackberry

High season is nearing its end. Another busy year.

The tendency is to lengthen the stay of several weeks, visitors have enjoyed even more the quiet of the place.

With the arrival of autumn, the vegetation will take coppery colors. The mushrooms should appear again, even if the end of August was already well supplied.

The availability of the cottage will also allow small jobs to repair and also enjoy some of the place.

Nevertheless, it is always possible to come to stay near nature, for walks in the woods or simply rest in peace.


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